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The Mystery of
The Physical Features of God

January 18, 2017

By  Max B. Frederick, AnOldScientist

“For [as] the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.”
                        Yĕhovah elohiym
, ca. 700-680 BC,  Isaiah 55:9 (KJV)

When we quit pretending to know more about God than God himself reveals to us, suddenly reality and the ancient scriptures seem to have a lot in common.

When we pretend to know more about God than we do, then we get into trouble.

A popular line of human logic goes something like this.  If God is perfect, then the interpretation of his word will be perfect.  But, in reality we see it is not perfect.  Why is the interpretation of the bible not perfect?  Why do we have so many differing denominational explanations of what the bible really says?  Some would say, “No real God would allow His word to be so denominationalized,” so this proves that such a God does not really exist.  The alternative is, God is only a product of human imagination. 

Could it be that we have wrongly defined God out of existence?

If, in fact, the God of the bible does exist, He is not following our rules constraining Him.  Here is the first principle of the existence of God.  If God is the invention of man then, in reality, there is no real God.  But if God really exists, He cannot be the invention of man.

Is there any such thing as a concept of God that is in accord with both the bible and reality?

When you look at the technical writings about close encounters with the physical God of the bible, there is a lot of information about just what God really is.

Explore the list of technical features of God as revealed in these close encounters.

Job’s Whirlwind

Moses’ Burning Bush

Moses on Mt. Sinai

Elijah’s Still Small Voice

Elijah’s Chariot and horses of fire

Paul’s Bright Light on the Road to Damascus

John’s Description of the Throne Room

Exploring that list reveals an existence (the God of the Bible) that has more in common with the original technical meanings of the words, Yĕhovah elohiym, the words the ancient scripture of the bible uses to name that existence, than it has in common the words LORD God into which they are translated, or with any popular concept of the God of the bible.

But then, that brings us to the original question.

Assuming God is a reality, what is God?

When we quit pretending to know more about God than God himself reveals to us, suddenly reality and the ancient scriptures seem to have a lot in common.

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Best regards,

Max B. Frederick

Max B. Frederick, an Old Scientist.