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Technical Mysteries of the Bible Age of Earth Quandary

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Dedicated to the proposition that one can believe the bible because of science rather than in spite of science.

Encouraging the intellectually honest inquisitor in how to think, not what to think.
If what the Ancient Scripture says about things that can be tested such as earth science, and is found to be credible,
What then do you do about what it says about things that cannot be tested such as Eternal Life?

The Quandary of
the Biblical Age of The Earth

Traditionally, the science and the bible controversy has been three divided into three prevailing schools of thought.   

1.  Young-Earth Creationists:  It has been said that they re-interpret science to fit the traditional interpretation of the bible. 

2.  Old-Earth Creationists:  They have been accused of re-interpreting the bible to fit the discoveries of modern science. 

3.  Theistic-Evolutionists:  They seem to compromise their religious tradition with the latest theory in a long line of unprovable pseudo-scientific theories that attempt to explain away the need for a creator.

All of these three schools of thought require the Christian to believe the bible in spite of science.

None of these prevailing schools of thought have considered what the bible really says  in the field of science.   Traditional interpretation has superseded the true science found in the bible.

Finally there is a new school of thought that allows one to believe the bible because of science rather in spite of science.

    4.   Biblical Creationists:  34 major Biblical accounts of creation give the sequence of events.  That biblical sequence of events is in accord with reality according to modern science, but without a time scale.  One of those 34 accounts has an alternate sequence of events and time scale superimposed on the underlying sequence of events.  The underlying sequence of events is in accord with the rest of the biblical accounts and with reality.  Neither that alternate, superimposed sequence of events, nor its superimposed time scale is in accord with the biblical sequence of events which is in accord with reality.  That alternate sequence of events and time scale is for the purpose of illustration of the principle of the seven day cycle presented in the Fourth of the Ten Commandments.  The bible states that the time scale is irrelevant, and leaves it up to modern science to assign an age to each event.. 

 This new fourth school of thought actually takes a good long look at each item mentioned in the bible that is in the realm of science and comes to a conclusion that is very different than the traditional interpretation.

The Book, Eyewitness to the Origins, carefully develops this fourth school of thought.  

It is not a re-interpretation of the bible to agree with modern science.  It is a detailed search to discover what the bible really said before it was interpreted to agree with the modern science of ancient Greece that resulted in the current traditional interpretation that is out of touch with reality.

In the bible there are about three dozen detailed accounts of creation, not just the popular one up front in the book of Genesis.  Combining all these accounts actually gives a perspective from the point of view of an Eyewitness to the Origins.

Eyewitness to the Origins looks at the details of science mentioned in each and every one of these accounts from the bible.  Then it proceeds to interleave the scientific detail from each and every one of them, in the light of each and every one of all the others, into an integrated super account.

When all the science in each and all of these accounts is laid out and interleaved in the chronological order as indicated in all these accounts combined you get an amazing result.  You get a timeline of all existence that stretches from eternity past to eternity future.

The information in all these bible accounts, when combined, adds up to over a hundred details of scientific fact.  Many of these details are repeated in several of these different accounts.  Some are mentioned in only a few.  But from all of these accounts, when all the chronology clues are observed, there arises an internally consistent timeline of historical events, scientific details, and repeating scientific patterns that continues on in to the future.

This is a new school of thought.  Before Eyewitness to the Origins, never has all the science in the bible been combined into one internally consistent timeline of existence.

Why have all the other accounts of creation in the bible been ignored?  There are several reasons that can be speculated.  Those reasons are laid out in Eyewitness to the Origins.  Suffice it to say here that it may have been God’s plan all along.  God has been known to blind humans to something obvious for a season to accomplish a long term plan.

It just may be that scientists and theologians alike have been blinded to the truth for a season for such a time as this.  We are at a time when all the prevailing schools of thought are ridiculously inadequate, and all require a choice between science and the bible.

That super biblical account reveals many scientific details that were unknown to humanity until recently discovered by modern science.  Even so, much of the rest of that science is so obvious that it should have been assembled into a pattern long ago.  Yet, in the past, much of that science has been difficult to properly translate into English because the translators had no concept of the scientific knowledge recorded thousands of years earlier in an ancient language.

The new school of thought:  When all the science of all the creation accounts of the bible is combined into a timeline according to the clues in those accounts alone, a timeline emerges that is in accord with reality.  That timeline is 100% verified by the recent independent discoveries of scientific fact by modern science.   That fact alone, the fact of ancient pre-publication of the discoveries of modern science, is scientific evidence of the supernatural origin of the bible.

That's what I care about, My ultimate goal is to spread the word so that you no longer have to believe the bible in spite of science, you can now believe it because of science.
If what the Ancient Scripture says about things that can be tested such as earth science, and is found to be credible,
What then do you do about what it says about things that cannot be tested such as Eternal Life?

Best regards,

Max B. Frederick

Max B. Frederick, an Old Scientist.