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Beyond The Rising Sun
Technical Mysteries of the Bible Age of Earth Quandary

January 18, 2017

By  Max B. Frederick, AnOldScientist


“In the debate between science and religion, the bible is on the side of science, not religion.

In the debate between reality and religion, the bible is on the side of reality, not religion.”

Does God Exist?

It has been said that science cannot prove the existence of God.

But science can show whether or not what we call “God” is in accord with reality.

First, we have to settle the question, what is God?

That means we have to settle on what it is that we mean by “God.”

There are a lot of misconceptions as to what God is.

Is God a great benevolent sugar daddy in the sky?

Is God an angry vindictive punisher?

Is God just an invisible imaginary friend, a concoction of an evolved imagination?

To discover if God really exists, we must discover what God really is.

Even Religion has given God a bad rap.  The extras added by religious interpretation and elaboration are not in accord with reality.  Even theologians cannot agree on the answer to just what is that image of God in which humans are made?  Theologians have invented some features and ignored others.

There is competition between what God really is and what Humans think He should be.

The bottom line is, the bible has it right.  The God of the bible is in accord with reality.

But this is true only if you look at the original technical meanings of the religiousied words.

Not all of the bible is about religious stuff.  Much of it is technical.  If you let the technical stuff speak for itself instead of trying to make it religious, it is in accord with reality.

In the debate between science and religion, the bible is on the side of science, not religion.

That is not to say that the theory of evolution can explain the origin of life.  It cannot. 

But there is no reason for us to debate that because Scientists have already decided it cannot.  They are in the throws of searching for the next possible theory of spontaneous generation to explain how life can begin without external guidance.  But, I digress.

And the truth about what God is, is no where more apparent than in the actual technical terms used to name the God of the bible.  The technical meaning of the English word “God” is something to appeal to or to worship.  The technical meaning of the word “Lord” is a boss—a mortal elevated to have authority over peers.  These meanings are a far cry from the original words in the original language.  The technical meanings of the words from which “God” and “Lord” are translated are exactly the technical meanings of the words modern science says caused the universe to come into existence, as in, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

And that is just the beginning of what science has to say about the existence of God.

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Best regards,

Max B. Frederick

Max B. Frederick, an Old Scientist.