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The Unfinished Writings of AnOldScientist


In August of 2018, Max B. Frederick, AnOldScientist, had reached his original expiration date.  He had been retired for nearly twenty-five years from a career in the military/industrial complex, whatever that implies beyond the old “If I tell you I’ll have to shoot you,” is that a significant portion of his life had been spent in pursuit of a passion for recognizing information hidden from obvious view.  In his retirement that passion was turned to recognizing the technical information in the ancient scriptures of the bible.

Having had his formal education in the realms of science and religion, specifically earth science, and his formal career in the sciences of electronics and information recognition, that pursuit was a natural fit for discovering the technical information hidden in the ancient scripture by whatever force it was that was so technically savvy that the result of its effort was presumably the existence of all physical existence even to the culmination of life in the ecology we observe around us.  That is an illuminated way of saying the creator of the universe had to have been either very technically savvy or religiously magic to have used either the principles of physics or used a few magic words to cause it to happen.

Well, as it turns out, after studying the technical information in the ancient scriptures, the former is more likely even though traditional religion prefers the latter.  Isn’t saying a few magic words more religious; and the bible is about religious stuff, isn’t it?  Right?  Wrong.  A careful analysis of the technical stuff in the ancient scriptures belies a few other basic premises of religious analysis of the bible.  You see, as it turns out, from the very beginning, as is recorded in the oldest book of the bible, the book of Job, when Job wanted to challenge God about some religious principles, after finally getting an audience with God, God went and changed the subject, never answering Job’s questions.  That’s right; God changed the subject to what must be God’s favorite subject.  God revealed overwhelming knowledge of natural science.  In that exchange with Job is recorded ancient knowledge of many technical things unknown to humans until after the advent of modern science.  It is no wonder that theologians did not recognize it.  Upon further study, the technical information long ignored by theologians has a lot to reveal about some of the unanswered questions theologians have pondered for thousands of years.  Who really wrote the book of Genesis?  What is the real story behind the six-days of Genesis 1?  What is the real origin of some of the writings in the ancient scriptures that are assumed by secular scholars to be copies of ancient Egyptian religious stuff adapted to the purposes of later Hebrew religious leaders?  The technical information found in all of them, originally present from the earliest times, reveals former conclusions abut evolutionary development of religion based on literary analysis alone, devoid of analysis of the technical information in them, is plain hogwash.  The technical information therein, having been present from earliest times, contributes a lot to the answers to such mysteries.

There is way too much for one scholar’s life time. 

But then, about four months before his original expiration date, AnOldScientist was granted an extension.  Quadruple by-pass heart surgery added what may be years to his life expectancy. 

AnOldScientist has many unfinished writings exploring many unanswered questions; but it is obvious that he will never have enough time to finish it all.

So, presented here are many of his unfinished writings for future scholars to ponder.

To be Continued:

Best regards,

Max B. Frederick

Max B. Frederick, an Old Scientist.