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What Have I Been Up To  (PDF)            9/27/2008

What is Science and the Bible (PDF)    9/30/2008
Why Science and the Bible (PDF)         9/30/2008
God's Favorite Subject (PDF)              10/20/2008
Combined Bible Chronology Detail List 01/31/2009
History of Psalm 104                          04/29/2009
A Commentary on Psalm 104              08/04/2009

About AnOldScientist

Max B. Frederick

Max Frederick has been a scientist and theologian all his life. But any degrees he may have earned or any secular accomplishments he may have achieved during his career as an information recognition scientist  pale into insignificance  when compared to his later accomplishment during his retirement years.

By 2008, Frederick had worked about 15,000 hours in his retirement putting together the book, Eyewitness to the Origins, the comprehensive guide to what the bible really says concerning the origins.  Since then, more books have been written as more technical mysteries have been discovered in the bible, and solved by the comparison to what modern science has discovered thousands of years after those mysteries were recorded in the ancient Hebrew Scriptures. His ultimate goal is to spread the word that you no longer have to believe the bible in spite of science, you can believe it because of science.

Links to Max's Web Pages:

Eyewitness to the Origins

Eyewitness to the OriginsScientific evidence of the supernatural authorship of the bible.  All bible  origin accounts combined.  The ancient record is verified by  the recent discoveries of modern science.

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Origin of the Continents

Origin of the Continents: An Introduction to the Theory of The Lithologic CycleWith recognition of the mechanism that caused the Origin of the Continents, the reality of an occasional worldwide inundation of the continents becomes a reality.

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Mystery of Psalm 104

The Mystery of Psalm 104
An Intellectually Honest Study of Technical Information Preserved in Ancient Scriptures.

Thousands of years before that same information was discovered by modern science, it was already known with references to it recorded in the bible.
Mysteriously, that information existed long before it was gathered into the bible.

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How the Earth Was Formed

How The Earth Was Formed: Discovering What the Bible really Says About the Origins and Comparing it to Reality as Discovered by Modern ScienceThis book compares knowledge of pre-historic things from two dissimilar sources. One source is ancient, the other modern. It presents knowledge from both sources in chronological order and shows the remarkable similarity demonstrating the fact the ancient source of knowledge had it right long before modern science discovered the same things. The first source is the written record in ancient scriptures of the bible. The second source is the evidence that is recorded in geology and astronomy. This information is presented here as a timeline of how everything around us came to be what it is today.

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